⇒ Welding Coordinating Personnel (IWE, EWE)

Our welded manufacturing applications are carried out by our competent staff with international welding engineering certification. It is responsible for preparing welding plans, directing the welding staff, keeping welding records.


⇒ Welding Procedure and Specifications (WPQR, WPS)

All welding work done by Simetrik Engineering are made according to the welding method procedures and specifications according to the standards. The prepared welding method procedures and specifications are submitted to the customers approval before the manufacturing, after the approval is received, the manufacturing is started.


⇒ Certified Welding Personnel for International Standarts (WPQ)

Welding work is done by our certified personnel and in coordination with our welding coordination staff. Our welding staffs are certified by authorized institution or our certified welding engineers within the scope of international standards.


⇒ Quality Control Plan (ITP)

A quality control plan is prepared by Simetrik Engineering to meet the standard and customer requirements and to determine the control test plan and presented to the customer's approval. Simetrik Engineering carries out manufacturing in accordance with the approved quality control plan.


⇒ Material Acceptance and Traceability

After all the main materials and consumables stored for use in the project are checked for conformity with the product standard, they are recorded and accepted. Defective materials not conforming to the standard are recorded and returned. Material traceability during manufacturing is performed in line with the requirements of the relevant standards.


⇒ Pre and Post Welding Required Controls / Records

The welding works we have made are recorded according to the steps specified in the quality control plan at the relevant stages of manufacture. Before welding; measure and roof control, after welding; visual and non-destructive examinations are applied. From these records, it is aimed to continuously improve the quality by evaluating the welding quality and the performance of the welding staff.


⇒ Post-Weld NDT Applications

After welding, non-destructive tests are carried out by authorized institutions and staffs in accordance with customer or standard requirements.


⇒ Calibration and Periodic Controls

Every kind of equipment (measurement, welding, test, etc.) used in manufacturing has the necessary periodical maintenance and calibration certificate. It is aimed to realize high quality manufacturing with appropriate equipment.


⇒ Quality File

In the projects where the production is completed, a quality file is prepared for giving an example to the customer. All reports and documents registered are kept in the quality file.

  • Quality Plan
  • WPQR & WPS
  • WPQR
  • Material Certificates
  • Procedures
  • Calibration Documents
  • NDT Personnel Certificates
  • Consumables Certificates
  • Welding Control Reports
  • Heat Treatment Reports
  • Hardness Reports
  • Missing list
  • Hydrostatic Test Report
  • Surface Coating / Dye Control Report
  • Dispatch Control Reports