Engineering and Projecting

In line with customer needs, we can perform the desired engineering and projecting services with our technical team consisting of expert staff in our field. Engineering and Projecting Services; Mechanical General Settlement Projects Mechanical Manufacturing and Installation Projects Screw Conveyor System Projects Steel si...


As Simetrik Engineering; we can manufacture different sizes and specialties for different sectors. Our products are manufactured by competent personnel in accordance with international norms (EN, ASME,API, AD 2000, etc...) using appropriate equipment, suitable materials and delivered in the desired time and place according to cu...

Mechanical Installation

We can manufacture and install pipelines of different diameters and materials requested by thecustomer in accordance with the standards and customer specifications. In this context, our studies; Petroleum Pipelines (Diesel / Gasoline / Naphtha / Kerosene / LPG / Fuel-Oil) Natural Gas Pipelines HP / LP Steam Lines Hot Oil ...

Maintenance and Renewal

In the industry, maintenance and repairs of the machines and possible pause cost of the plantare quite costly. Due to an unexpected malfunction, the machines may be inoperable for a very long time. In this case, there is also an increase in production losses and cost in the companies that perform mass production. In the name of ...

Ventilation Systems

We provide services with specialist and professional team on installation of ventilation systems in different size companies. Remember that a ventilation system that is not properly designed, tested and has not been maintained will cause damage to your employees and your company over time.


In industrial projects, the most important purposes of insulation application are to protect the operating performance, to save energy, to protect the environmental impacts and the environment. Hot Insulation Cold Isolation Double Directional Insulation Sound Insulation Fire Insulation

Sheet Metal Processing Center

Simetrik Sheet Metal Processing Center is served with CNC Laser Cutting, Oxy Plasma Cutting, Profile Bending, Sheet Folding, CNC Abkand Bending, CNC Guillotine Cutting in 5.000 m² indoor area. For more information, please visit